The Dangers of Propane

Hello Readers.

My name is Sam Prak. I’m a real person who has gotten very sick from working with propane. What I’m about to tell you is my real experience from working with propane. I need your help getting this information out. You can help me by sharing this with friends and family who use propane daily.

The gas companies claim that propane is nontoxic. It is far from that during my experiences using propane, it is worse than any of the drugs on the streets. It is responsible for the huge amount of violence in our world today. It is turning people into rapists, murderers, child molesters, genociders and terrorists. I could name tons of other things, but the list is very long.

Propane also causes a lot of health issues. It causes a body addiction that is responsible for heart attacks, multiple sclerosis attacks, asthma attacks, seizures and strokes. I also believe it is responsible for mental illness, diabetes, yeast infection, breast cancer, leukemia and many more cancers.

If you give me a moment of your time. I will explain it to you to the best of my abilities how propane is responsible for this and much much more.

30 Gallon Propane.jpg

For those of you who don’t know what propane is, propane is a natural gas. It is used to cook, heat, and as fuel for vehicles. It is stored in the metal gas tanks. If you release the gas, it burns the skin on contact. It is mostly used in rural areas, warehouses and homes all over the world.