How Propane Exposure Turns Into Cancer

This is my theory on how propane exposure turns into Cancer.

Getting exposed to solid propane daily causes a body addiction. Once addicted, the body starts producing cells from propane. These cells are what we known as cancer cells.

After turning propane into cancer cells. Our body will start to treat and store these cancer cells like body fat. It will move these cells throughout our body and to all the main organs for storage and maintain body functions.

Once direct exposure to propane runs out. Our body will start removing/using the stored propane/cancer cells to maintain the body addiction it needs to function. When this happens. Our body will start to bump and bruise leaving behind tissue damaged where the propane/cancer cells were stored. This process will continue over next several months, once propane exposure ends.

Getting exposed to new propane. Will start this process all over. Therefore eliminating cancer cells almost impossible. Due to the fact that our body grew an addiction to propane. As long as we keep getting exposed, our body will remember propane as something it depends on.

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