How I got on America’s Kill List (CIA Psychic Program)

My Story of How I Became Aware of Propane was me writing with the hope that America would do the right thing. What I didn’t say in that part was that the US Government had targeted me, that job I was working at was a government operation to find me work, while they kept me under surveillance.

I started my story when I got sick from propane. Now I want to take you back to how the US Government targeted me, how I got on America’s kill list.

The US Government has been following me since 2001 after beating a jury trial. During the years of following me, America was doing everything they could to try to get me locked back up, using their intelligence to use every dirty trick in the book. They used my friends, my family, my enemies and their agents to try and get me to commit crimes.

Once they couldn’t get me to commit any big crimes. They started to try to kill me. They tried to get me to crashed my car, tried to get people to shoot me and they even tried to poison me. These are things that were happening a little too often to people in my community in America.

After all their past failed assassination attempts on my life. They decided to use me to conduct human experiments without my consent. They got my job to put the propane by my desk to determine if it was safe to put in the cars. After putting the propane by my desk for several years, they thought it was safe and passed the clean air act. By the time they realized I got sick, it was already too late to stop it from going in the cars.

Once they realized I knew what they had done, they sent their top secret program (psychics) just to silence my voice. Once they couldn’t silence me, they used their psychics to look for a way to discredit me.

The Psychic program is the missing piece to Body Count. They killed a lot of people with this program. Suicide, accidental deaths and murders are very common when Psychics are used.

Here is the link to the body count:

After sending the Psychics to silence me. I have noticed that many of the things they do are based off your emotions, so if you don’t get depressed, it is harder for them to make a person commit suicide. My faith in God has kept me positive in life, during the good and bad.

I know that some of you might think that psychics are pseudoscience, but why spend over 70 years on a program that produces 0 results. Due to the nature of psychic abilities, the US Government wants to keep this top secret for as long as possible. They have declassified some of the Psychics abilities but kept most hidden for national security reasons. They have secretly used this program to silence critics, gather intelligence, assassination and I also believe they are using this try to control the world in secret.

Here are some code names for some of the Psychics Stargate projects with name and link. Gondola Wish: Stargate: Project Grill Flame: Project Center Lane: Sun Streak:

I plan on writing another part on psychics and their abilities the US government wants secret. Since I don’t have security clearance, I can write about my experiences from them using their psychics to target me.

I know that some of the things I write about here seem like conspiracy theories and hocus pocus, but if you can at least confirm the propane, then you will know that there is some truth here, that will give me the courage to keep writing about my experiences in America, that truth will prevail!

The American government has targeted people based on religion, color and even critics who speak the truth. I have been targeted by the US Government since 2001. They have targeted and terrorized so many around me that I could not become silent any longer.

Help me show America, that a few do not speak for many, that no one is above the law. That America is still a nation of laws, that we are still one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.