Signs and Symptoms (During recovery phase)

If you are looking into propane, propane exposure can be offset by the smallest amount. Meaning the smallest exposure from any source can prevent an attack.

Here are some Signs and Symptoms I noticed since I started my recovery process.

1. Bruises and bumps that appear throughout the body.

2. Dehydration as you lose propane during recovery can be very common.

3. Dry eyes and chapped lips are some of the signs of dehydration.

4. Every morning the sickness will subside, it will slowly come back throughout the day

5. Food can make you feel sick.

6. Exercise can cause dehydration.

7. Eating after exercise can prevent dehydration after a workout.

8. Gas fumes from a car or anything that burns gas can make you feel extremely sick. It can make you feel light headed and dizzy during the recovery phase.

9. Cigarettes can also make you feel extremely sick.

10. Ac can mild down the sick feeling caused from the sickness during the recovery, I believe the ac causes a very tiny exposure that isn’t enough to stop a break but it can keep you sick longer.

This is just to help you understand my experiences during the recovery phase. It is something you can keep an eye on. Most of these signs only appear once i stop getting exposed and started my recovery. Some signs might take months to years to appear since I stopped getting exposed to propane.