Propane body addiction how to check for addiction.

Once addicted to propane, any small exposure can offset an attack. Meaning if you are trying to test the propane out, you must make sure that you quarantine right after exposure in order to make sure you don’t get exposed again. If you get exposed to any source of propane, it can offset your attack. Even the fumes from propane can do it as well. Make sure you have no gas furnace, water heater or anything that burns gas on after you quarantine in order to trigger an attack.

It should stay in your body for about 3 days and 6 hours, best to wait until 3 1/2 days, just in case it was still in the air after exposure. If you get exposed to a small amount, you will start to fatigue on day 2 with every hour passing, you will just get weaker until it all leaves.

If you get exposed to a large amount, it can cause a heart attack right at the moment of it breaking. It is very dangerous, do this at your own risk.