The Truth about the CIA

The CIA, also known as the Central Intelligence Agency was created in 1947. This Agency was created with a goal to create and train Psychics, only a few in CIA will make it to Psychic. These Psychics are used today for intelligence gathering, criminal investigations, espionage, to terrorize and  assassinate their targets. They are weapons of war against all critics and enemies of the United States of America.

Since the creation of the CIA, there have been many projects into Psychics. The first Psychic project was Project Chatter. Then came MKUltra which became a huge success with the psychics and their abilities. Both projects paved the way for the Stargate Project due to the success of the Psychics abilities into mind control.

Project Chatter started in 1947, the same year as the CIA. They started under the control of the Navy with the help of the CIA to train psychics. They experiment with people drugged with LSD, in order to test the effects of drugs during the psychics experiments. Once drugged, many of these patients were diagnosed with schizophrenic. They were diagnosed when the Psychics were brought in to experiment with their first mind control victims. Due to the effects of how the Psychics were used, the victims believed they were hearing voices. When in fact, it were the Psychics, inside their minds, trying to perfect mind control. Since this was their first official experiment with their Psychics, the Psychics were inexperienced, which led to many getting diagnosed with schizophrenic. This program was the beginning of their quest for power, mind control and start of the CIA Psychics.

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Next came MKUltra, another program into mind control. This program was to do more to advance their research into psychics. This program became a huge success due to the knowledge they gained from it. They had Dr. Frank Olson commit suicided by jumping out of a building and falling to his death. Once the program came to an end, the CIA director Richard Helms destroyed all the records of the psychics involvement. He destroyed everything that might have damaged America’s reputation, and anything that contained their Psychic program.

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Now that you know the truth about the CIA, that the CIA Psychics are far from fiction. Many of their projects since project chatter were to further their quest into mind control and to advance their Psychics abilities, at the cost of innocent people.

The CIA Psychics are a racist terrorist organization. They have terrorized a lot of people in their quest for power and knowledge. Some of the crimes that happened in America are psychics using their mind control power. They have targeted innocent people, have targeted people for minor offenses, have brainwashed people into believing they have committed crimes and even got some to commit crimes. All this was done to add them to CIA Psychics kill list, in order to train their psychics.

They have also used their mind control in order to send these people face to face with some of the most dangerous people under the eye of the CIA. Many of these victims were targeted for rape, murder, torture, and to terrorize their victims. Then the Psychics were used to silence the victims from ever speaking out using their mind control on everyone that comes into contact with their victims, just to keep them silent. All this was done in order to train their Psychics into becoming the perfect soldiers against all who would stand against America.

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