CIA Psychics Powers Explained

The Psychics powers are abilities to control and manipulate the five senses. When a Psychic infects a person, also know as remote view, its like being in a body that’s not theirs. They have access to your five senses with the ability to use the sixth sense.

Psychics Manipulate Senses

Sight: Psychics have the ability to make you see whatever they imagine. Any paranormal ability they create, can be seen once the Psychic manipulate the infected person senses.

Hearing: Psychics uses sound to change the sound into any sound they want the person to hear. If the sound is low, they can create low sound from it, and louder sound can create louder noises. The sounds they create can be picked up by a recorder and be heard by everybody around the sound.

Touch: Psychics have the ability to have your body notice feelings on it. By manipulating your touch senses, your body will start to believe a giant spider is crawling as long as the psychic is trying to manipulate your touch sense.

Taste: Psychics have the ability to create a taste that they want your taste bud to pick up. The psychics abilities can create a certain taste in the infected person mouth. They manipulate your taste by tricking your brain to taste whatever they want.

Smell: Psychics have the ability to create a few smells that your nose can pick up. They create some smells by manipulating your smell to pick up any smell they image.

Sixth Sense

The brain is the sixth sense. It gives the person the ability to control their five senses. A person unconsciously takes from the five senses when they start to use their sixth sense.

The Sixth Sense is one of the most useful tool to have against a psychic infecting your mind. It helps protect the person from things that the psychics can do by giving you the ability to control your senses. The sixth sense doesn’t take away the psychics’ abilities once they infect a person. It just gives the infected person the ability to take away some of the things the psychics are doing.

Once in Remote View, the psychics feel, read, think, and visualize with the sixth sense

Feel: They are capable of feeling your emotions and deception.

Read: They are capable of reading your thoughts and memories in Remote View.

Think: They can think for the victim once in Remote View.

Visualize: They are capable of sending visualization, which you can see inside your mind.

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