CIA Psychic Abilities with American Secrets part 2

The United States used their Psychics to infect Neil Armstrong during his trip to the moon. The Remote View was on Neil Armstrong in real time when they infected him. Meanwhile, the transmission from radio waves was delayed, proof that everything here was made, one of America’s most guarded Secrets

The Psychics used levitation on people who claimed to be abducted by aliens. Many these people were brainwashed by Psychics without their consent. This is how the Psychics trained during those period.

The United States of America Stole the Psychics Powers from Church right at the end of World War Two. Once the United States obtained it, they used Psychics to purge the Psychics abilities from the Church.

Most of their scientists only have clearance for sight and hearing when the Psychics infect the person. They keep touch, taste, and smell from their scientists since it’s needed to know only. Most scientists only have access to sight and few to hearing.

Mind Control once in remote view

1. Psychics have the ability to make you cough as long as a person has a soar throat

2. Psychics have the ability to boost hearing from the sound around them. By boosting the hearing, the person can hear the sound the psychic wants them to hear louder.

3. Psychics have the ability to cause a person vision to go blurry, if the person is a little sick. They do this by using more of a person sixth sense, by causing it to pull from the rest.

4. Psychics have the ability to squeeze or crush a person organs. By doing it, it will eventually kill a person even though it won’t show that’s its been crush on xray

5. Psychics have the ability to brain freeze a person everytime they try to think of something they don’t like.

Psychics Manipulate the Senses once in remote view

1. Psychics can trick your touch to believe that a giant spider is on a person body. It can even trick a person senses into believing that it bite that person.

2. Psychics can use sound to manipulate the sound into anything they want the person to hear. The sound can be picked up on a recorder.

3. Psychics can make a person feel like something is squeezing their neck by a psychic simply imagining it. It will feel like someone is choking the infected person

4. Psychics can claw out your organs with their psychic abilities. They do this by imagining fingers with long, sharp nails clawing at it. This has been known to kill a few people. Some doctors noticed it but never could explain it, so these deaths were ruled as nature causes.

5. Psychics have the ability to cut a person skin with their paranormal abilities. It is known as the worst way to die from the psychics. It was known as death from a thousand cuts from the ancient past.

In order for psychics to be able to do most of these things, they must take lsd in order to boost the psychics’ powers.

Here is link to some projects with lsd:

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