The Resistance Techniques against Psychics Part 2

Remote View is proof that recarnation is a real possibility. When Psychics go into remote view, it’s like being that’s not theirs. They have access to your five senses with the ability to feel, read, think, and visualize with the sixth sense.

Feel: They are capable of feeling your emotions and deception.

Read: They are capable of reading your thoughts and memories in Remote View.

Think: They can think for the victim once in Remote View.

Visualize: They are capable of sending visualization, which you can see inside your mind.

Here are the CIA Psychics Techniques that they use to brainwash, control, and kill victims. I also put some counter techniques to help prevent against the CIA Psychics techniques.

Psychics Techniques with Counter Techniques

Brain Freeze Technique: Psychics have the ability to brain freeze their victim in order to make it very hard for their victim to think. They brain freeze every time their victim tries to think of something they don’t approve off

Counter: The best approach to brain freeze is to think very light in order to avoid their brain freezing. Remind calm, then push light thoughts until the victims figure out what they are trying to think of. Never try to think hard during a brain freeze. It will only make it worse and harder to think.

Speech Control one: The first way Psychics can control the victim speech is by putting thoughts into your mind. The victims will naturally say whatever comes to their mind.

Counter;  when the victim speaks, they actually don’t need to think as they are speaking. By blanking out your mind and only using Adam’s Apple, it becomes harder for the psychic to control your speech. The victim doesn’t need to think as they speak.

Speech Control two: Once the victim blanks out their mind to use their Adam’s Apple, the Psychics can still control their speech by going in front of the victim as they speak.

Counter: The best way to counter this is by speaking faster in order to prevent the psychic from going in front of you.

Thoughts: Psychics have the ability to think for the victims without them realizing it.

Counter: Blank out your mind and don’t think about anything. The victim can still speak and do very light thoughts without visualization.

Brainwashing: Psychics spend months to years brainwashing their victim. They do this by editing your memory and making changes to it. They will send visual and think for the victim into believing the visual actually happened by sending thoughts in order to make them believe it happened.

Counter: Keep a small daily diary. The victim can also make changes to the memories as the psychic is changing it.

Example: The psychics can change a person in the memory by switching the person in the memory into a person they want. The victim can easily change it back by thinking to themselves that that isn’t that person. It’s actually this person, a person the victim remembers in the memory.

Here are more common techniques that psychics like to use on their victims with counter techniques to help prevent it. It is not intended to be used for any medical problems.

This program is top secret so that psychics can do whatever they want without any accountability. As long as people believe that this is science fiction, the US government will never fully declassified it. This website is intended to bring more attention to the psychic program in order to put a stop to the illegal experiments against the population and the racial profiling with their psychics.

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