The Resistance Techniques against Psychics Part 1

Psychics have the ability to manipulate and control the 5 senses with the ability to think and visualize with the 6th sense “the brain.” They control the 5 senses by manipulating your brain into believing that whatever they image really exists. If you believe what your senses are picking up, then the psychics will be able to crush your heart, if that is what they are trying to do.

Here are the CIA Psychics Techniques that they use to cause sleep deprivation and common ways that the CIA use to kill victims. I also put some counter techniques to help prevent against the CIA Psychics techniques.

Psychics Techniques with Counter Techniques

Sleep Deprivation

Breathing Technique: This technique is when a psychic breaths for the victim. This technique is used by psychics to keep people up during sleep deprivation. It is definitely one of the worst techniques to keep people from sleeping.

Counter: Wrap your stomach up with some bandage wrap in order to apply a little pressure to the stomach. If done correctly, you will feel the air moving up and down around your stomach as psychic is breathing for you.

Pain: psychics can create pain anywhere on the body by imagining what pain they want to create. They do this by manipulating your brain into believing the pain is real.

Counter: The victim can wrap the location where the pain is located with some bandages. Make sure the bandages have little pressure on the area where pain is located. The victim can also trick the brain into believing the pain is something that the psychics are creating, then stepping back the pain should move away from where you noticed it. It will feel like an out of body experience where their create the pain.


Heart Crush Technique: This technique is done by them tricking your brain into believing that your heart is crushing. They image a heart where your heart should be, then image crushing it. This kills a person instantly.

Counter: The moment they image a heart, you have to believe that it’s not your heart. It’s a heart they image, and it actually doesn’t exist even though you can feel it. It’s very important that you believe as they try to crush it because they will do everything they can to stop their victim from believing.

Hand Jerk: Psychics can move your arm by trying to move it like they move theirs. This is how they get people to crash their cars.

Counter: By believing that the psychics can’t move your arm that are actually moving their spirit arm, it will create an out of body experience where they are trying to move it.

Sleep suffocation: Psychics can cause you to suffocate to death if the victim sleeps on their back. They use their paranormal ability to apply pressure with the help of gravity to keep you from breathing.

Counter: Never sleep on your back.

I know it doesn’t cover all the things the psychics can do, but it does cover some of the main techniques the psychics like to use.

I have posted some counter techniques that should help. These techniques will only work if the person is targeted by Psychics. It is not intended to be used for any medical problems.

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