How to check for Psychics in Remote View

Once a Psychic goes into Remote view, they will hide inside the victim while doing everything they can to prevent their host from noticing them. While there, they will start to control and read their host. Every time they start to control their host, the psychic will think very lightly. The victim should be able to hear the psychic thinking. The moment they disguise as the victims thoughts, the victim should follow these steps below:

Step one: Relax the throat and mouth, with mouth slightly open.

Step two: Focus on sending your touch and hearing senses to the throat around the Adam’s Apple. The victim must relax the throat and mouth as they send their senses to the throat.

This should be done as soon as psychic starts thinking. If done correctly, the victim should be able to hear the psychic thinking around the throat and mouth.

If psychics are thinking low for the victim to hear, they can always use their mouth to increase the sound.

Step one: Do this by sending the victim’s touch and hearing senses to the mouth from Adam Apples.

Step two: Then use your mouth to increase the sound. It’s very important that your throat and mouth stay relaxed during this process.

Don’t try to increase the sound too much, just enough to hear. If done correctly, you should be able to hear psychics thinking from your mouth.

Always remember that the psychics have access to your five senses with the ability to read the sixth. They know everything you are about to do the moment you realize you are going to do it. If you start to notice your body acting strange. Then you will know the psychics are trying to prevent you from checking.

The CIA Psychics are a criminal and terror organization. They have been secretly using their psychics to control the world with their mind control. I believe they have stolen power from the United States government and have been secretly using it to target civilians in their quest for knowledge while keeping the Senators and Congress out of their program.

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