Common Ways to Die By a Psychic

The psychics’ power is beyond anything that we can fully comprehend. After all, we were educated to believe in laws of physics. The psychics abilities are evidence that laws no longer apply. The only reasonable explanation, is the simulation hypothesis. That is how the psychics are able to kill using the psychics abilities.

Here are common ways to die from the psychics powers below:

Car Wrecks

The psychics can crash the victims car by gripping the wheel, and moving the victims arms while they are driving.


The psychics will go into a person mind that’s most likely to kill their target. They get the murderer to kill the victim by disguising as their thoughts.

Natural Causes

Once in Remote View, the psychics have the ability to kill the victim by visualizing them causing damage to your internal organs, that actually kills the victim.


The psychics can go into the victim’s mind. Then, they will use their mind control on the victim to commit suicide by disguising it as their thoughts.

Fatal Accidents

The psychics have the ability to cause fatal accidents that result in death. They do this by disguising as the victim thoughts and tricking the victim into making a fatal mistake, or by using body control to cause a fatal accident.


If the victim is sleeping on their back, the psychics can visualize a paranormal ability capable of suffocating the victim to death. They use their paranormal ability with the help of gravity to apply pressure to keep the victim from breathing. The victim will be in a dream suffocating to death during this process.

Simulation Hypothesis is the belief that we are living in a simulation.

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