CIA Psychic Abilities with American Secrets.

Trash CIA, DIA, Military and Executive branch. The truth is important, the good and the bad!

The MILITARY used their psychics to attack their own military nuclear facilities by messing with electric equipment during the early phases of the Psychic program with their paranormal abilities.

The military used their psychics to attack their own soldiers minds by making them believe that aliens needed their help to escape. They did this in early phases of experimentation for the Psychic program with their own soldiers without permission.

The Men in Black were actually Psychics. They were there to experiment by covering up government programs by brainwashing civilians that witnessed it. They also experimented on civilians by brainwashing them into believing they had been abducted by aliens.

Once infected, a psychic will have access to all your senses. They can taste, hear, see, smell and touch everything the infected person notices with their 5 senses. It’s like being in a body that’s not theirs.

Edward Snowden took the Psychic program to Russia. China stole the Psychic program from the Americans in the 90s. Now the Americans want to go to war with China and Russia in order to purge the Psychic program from them.

Can be used for mind control.

Examples of mind control once a person is infected by a psychic

1. A psychic will disguise their thoughts as your thoughts once they infect a person. An infected person won’t be able to tell it’s a psychic thinking for them. They will just believe it is their thinking. They can also just sit there and listen to everything you think of.

2. They can also try to get you to access your memory by making you think of certain past memories.

3. They can also control your body in order to make your body do certain things like drop weights during bench press by making the weights slip from your hand.

4. They can make you scratch your nose in order to make you look guilty when being questioned by law enforcement. They have been using it in order to get people they know who are guilty or people they don’t like convicted of the crimes. This was created as a way to alert law enforcement that the person is guilty. Not everyone that scratches their nose is guilty, just with the ones they want convicted.

5. They can make you swallow your mucus in order to make you appear nervous when questioned by law enforcement. Fake science, check 4 for more information.

6. They believe they can erase people’s memories . It barely works, it only works on things they don’t really remember, as long as you remember they can’t delete it. 

7. They believe they can plant false memories. This one works a little bit better but only if you don’t know anything about it. Many of the ufo and alien abduction stories are the Psychics experiment with people. Not every ufo and alien abduction stories are psychics, most are just liars.

8. They believe they can edit your memories. Only works if you don’t remember much with your memories.

9. They can take over your speech and make you speak the words they want.

10. They believe they can brainwash people with this. They did it with their military personnel during early trials by making them believe they were helping aliens.

Can be used for remote viewing.

Remote view prevention not 100% sure but I believe it works:The best way to counter is by never letting them get in. The only way they can get in is by knowing the layout of the place you’re at and how you look. Cover all your cameras and make sure they never know your home layout. Once they have 1 connection they can just connect through that one person through rotation.

Examples of remote view.

1. They can also see everything you see once they are in a remote view. I believe but not 100% sure that by closing their eyes once connected, they see through your eyes.

2. They can also use it to shut down electric equipment. They can mess with electric equipment on helicopters, planes, hard drives and more equipment.

3. Once a psychic goes into a remote view, they can create a ghost-like appearance (paranormal abilities) that they can go into in order to make it tap on glass, move paper and create low sound. If

4. They can also use their ghost to put scratch marks on a person. Just like bending spoons, they can actually do it.

5. Dogs can see their ghost-like appearance.

6. Thermal cameras can see their ghost-like appearance. The ghost will appear colder than the room temperature.

Here is the link to CIA paranormal abilities that I call ghost:

CIA Psychics Spoon bending

The military is trying to recruit people with sixth sense to use for their psychic program.

Here are some links to the military trying to train and recruit people with sixth sense:

Propane body addiction how to check for addiction.

Once addicted to propane, any small exposure can offset an attack. Meaning if you are trying to test the propane out, you must make sure that you quarantine right after exposure in order to make sure you don’t get exposed again. If you get exposed to any source of propane, it can offset your attack. Even the fumes from propane can do it as well. Make sure you have no gas furnace, water heater or anything that burns gas on after you quarantine in order to trigger an attack.

It should stay in your body for about 3 days and 6 hours, best to wait until 3 1/2 days, just in case it was still in the air after exposure. If you get exposed to a small amount, you will start to fatigue on day 2 with every hour passing, you will just get weaker until it all leaves.

If you get exposed to a large amount, it can cause a heart attack right at the moment of it breaking. It is very dangerous, do this at your own risk.

Signs and Symptoms (During recovery phase)

If you are looking into propane, propane exposure can be offset by the smallest amount. Meaning the smallest exposure from any source can prevent an attack.

Here are some Signs and Symptoms I noticed since I started my recovery process.

1. Bruises and bumps that appear throughout the body.

2. Dehydration as you lose propane during recovery can be very common.

3. Dry eyes and chapped lips are some of the signs of dehydration.

4. Every morning the sickness will subside, it will slowly come back throughout the day

5. Food can make you feel sick.

6. Exercise can cause dehydration.

7. Eating after exercise can prevent dehydration after a workout.

8. Gas fumes from a car or anything that burns gas can make you feel extremely sick. It can make you feel light headed and dizzy during the recovery phase.

9. Cigarettes can also make you feel extremely sick.

10. Ac can mild down the sick feeling caused from the sickness during the recovery, I believe the ac causes a very tiny exposure that isn’t enough to stop a break but it can keep you sick longer.

This is just to help you understand my experiences during the recovery phase. It is something you can keep an eye on. Most of these signs only appear once i stop getting exposed and started my recovery. Some signs might take months to years to appear since I stopped getting exposed to propane.

How I got on America’s Kill List (CIA Psychic Program)

My Story of How I Became Aware of Propane was me writing with the hope that America would do the right thing. What I didn’t say in that part was that the US Government had targeted me, that job I was working at was a government operation to find me work, while they kept me under surveillance.

I started my story when I got sick from propane. Now I want to take you back to how the US Government targeted me, how I got on America’s kill list.

The US Government has been following me since 2001 after beating a jury trial. During the years of following me, America was doing everything they could to try to get me locked back up, using their intelligence to use every dirty trick in the book. They used my friends, my family, my enemies and their agents to try and get me to commit crimes.

Once they couldn’t get me to commit any big crimes. They started to try to kill me. They tried to get me to crashed my car, tried to get people to shoot me and they even tried to poison me. These are things that were happening a little too often to people in my community in America.

After all their past failed assassination attempts on my life. They decided to use me to conduct human experiments without my consent. They got my job to put the propane by my desk to determine if it was safe to put in the cars. After putting the propane by my desk for several years, they thought it was safe and passed the clean air act. By the time they realized I got sick, it was already too late to stop it from going in the cars.

Once they realized I knew what they had done, they sent their top secret program (psychics) just to silence my voice. Once they couldn’t silence me, they used their psychics to look for a way to discredit me.

The Psychic program is the missing piece to Body Count. They killed a lot of people with this program. Suicide, accidental deaths and murders are very common when Psychics are used.

Here is the link to the body count:

After sending the Psychics to silence me. I have noticed that many of the things they do are based off your emotions, so if you don’t get depressed, it is harder for them to make a person commit suicide. My faith in God has kept me positive in life, during the good and bad.

I know that some of you might think that psychics are pseudoscience, but why spend over 70 years on a program that produces 0 results. Due to the nature of psychic abilities, the US Government wants to keep this top secret for as long as possible. They have declassified some of the Psychics abilities but kept most hidden for national security reasons. They have secretly used this program to silence critics, gather intelligence, assassination and I also believe they are using this try to control the world in secret.

Here are some code names for some of the Psychics Stargate projects with name and link. Gondola Wish: Stargate: Project Grill Flame: Project Center Lane: Sun Streak:

I plan on writing another part on psychics and their abilities the US government wants secret. Since I don’t have security clearance, I can write about my experiences from them using their psychics to target me.

I know that some of the things I write about here seem like conspiracy theories and hocus pocus, but if you can at least confirm the propane, then you will know that there is some truth here, that will give me the courage to keep writing about my experiences in America, that truth will prevail!

The American government has targeted people based on religion, color and even critics who speak the truth. I have been targeted by the US Government since 2001. They have targeted and terrorized so many around me that I could not become silent any longer.

Help me show America, that a few do not speak for many, that no one is above the law. That America is still a nation of laws, that we are still one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

America’s Cover Up Begins

The US government has been killing and terrorizing people in the minority community for years. They have been getting criminals to target them by using their intelligence community to tell people they watch in secret to target them. They targeted kids, elderly and mostly young adults. These people would then often target them for robbery, rape, murder and other related crimes. Many of these people didn’t even know the American government targeted them in secret for execution or major harm because of the color of their skin. I have family members that were killed by the US Government. It’s been over 20 years since I witnessed their first murder on my father

Some of the ways they were killed are by getting them to crash their car. They also used their knowledge of science in order to make their deaths look like natural causes. They get very dangerous criminals under their surveillance to go commit these crimes by exploiting their knowledge of the criminals in order to entice them into committing these crimes. They do this in order to not raise any suspicion for their deaths.

I know several people who they have killed in the past. I also know victims who are still alive today, but have had major injuries and scars for life from the failed corrupt American government attempts to murder them in secret. These people are alive today and still don’t know that they were targeted by the American government. Instead of prosecuting the guilty, the American government has been doing everything they can to cover up their crimes and protect themselves.

They have made several attempts to kill me as well. They made at least three attempts that I can recall perfectly. They have tried to poison me, get me to crash my car and even tried to get people to shoot me. I’m very lucky to be alive today to share my story with you, with your help, the propane will give me a voice.

They are also conducting illegal human experiments without the user consent, often targeting the minority community for science knowledge. I know this because they have gotten my job to put the propane by my desk. They have done this in order to determine if it was safe before putting in the cars. By the time I realized it got me very sick, the US government had already passed the clean air act which led to millions of deaths. Instead of correcting their mistake, they are trying to sweep it under the rug at everyone expense.

The US Government has known about propane since October 2012 but still refuses to announce propane. American crimes on the minority community is the real reason why the American government refuses to announce propane. They would rather kill millions by removing the fossil fuel in secret, then to let their crimes become public for the world to see. After all, the influence of fossil fuel is very strong, when only propane is used. If they remove the fossil fuel in secret, millions and maybe even billions will die, before the government acknowledges the propane body addiction. This is the substance that made Adolf Hitler and they are already under it’s influence!

These actions are not the actions of white supremacists. These are the actions of their politicians, federal government and the president of united states under the influence of propane gas! They are not innocent, they have been secretly targeting people of color for execution and the propane evidence will prove that beyond any reasonable doubt.

Help me expose the US Crimes on Humanity by sharing my knowledge on Propane or by looking into the propane body addiction for yourself. Find out the truth, see who is really lying. Once enough people know about propane body addiction, I will expose their crimes for the world to see. The US Government has targeted so many around me and the proof is propane! With your help, i will have a voice.

How Propane Exposure Turns Into Cancer

This is my theory on how propane exposure turns into Cancer.

A person getting exposed to solid propane daily will eventually cause a body addiction. Once addicted, the body starts producing cells from propane. These cells are what we known as cancer cells.

After turning propane into cancer cells, our body will start to treat and store these cancer cells like body fat. It will move these cells throughout our body, to all the main organs for storage and to maintain body functions. Our heart and lungs will depend on the propane in order to function without complications.

Once a person stops getting exposed to propane, our body will start removing/using the stored propane/cancer cells to maintain the body functions once addicted. When this happens, our body will start to leave behind tissue damage where the propane/cancer cells were stored and removed from. This process will continue over the next several months to years, once propane exposure ends. This process can also start if a person does not get enough propane in order to maintain body functions.

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How Propane Influences People

Propane influences people by increasing people’s emotions. It will multiply our current emotions, things like anger, fear, excitement, disgust and all the other basic emotions that drive us. Propane will multiply it based on how much propane is in their body. As more propane enters the body, a person who’s angry, will get very angry, their anger growing as more propane enters their body.

For example, some people might get angry a lot, while others might be more sensitive to what you think about them. Not everybody will be influenced the same by propane. It really depends on the emotion that drives them for each situation with propane providing a boost to their current emotion.

Anger is an emotion that leads to violent behavior.

Disgust is an emotion that leads to prejudice, bigotry and racism.

Fear and sadness are an emotions that leads to suicide.

Emotions can also give raise to desires that leads to rape and corruption.

Don’t take my word for it. Take a look at some of these propane countries for yourself. Countries like Mexico, India, North Korea and Iraq are just some of the violent countries that depend on propane for their primary cooking source.

America has been fortunate that it removed most of the propane from underground natural gas pipes, but it wasn’t always like today.

During the 1920s and 1930s, America was plagued by organized crime and corruption. At the same time lp gas saw an increase in production. As propane grew, so did the violence in those time periods.

I know it will difficult for you believe about everything I said about propane. It goes against everything our education, doctors, scientists and country taught us about propane. Although I can’t prove to you now that propane is doing all this, I can prove that propane causes a body addiction, and anybody who uses it daily can look into for themselves. Knowing it causes a body addiction is the first step to proving everything else I said about propane is correct.

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My Story of How I Became Aware of Propane

I worked with a trucking company in California for over 5 years. I was the receiver at my job, responsible for keeping up with the warehouse inventory. When new items arrived, I made sure the items and quantities were correct before I entered it into the database.

My problems with propane did not start right away. It wasn’t until my company relocated into a bigger warehouse that all my problems started.

After moving into the new warehouse, they decided to keep the propane storage next to my desk. We had about 16 propane tanks and 5 running forklifts. The 16 tanks were filled every 2 to 3 days by the propane company, while the forklifts exchanged for new tanks every 1 to 2 days. Every time someone needed a new propane tank, they had to come to my desk to exchange the tank.

After about 2 years of this, I started to feel ill, unaware of what’s really making me sick. I went back and forth to my doctors to find an answer for why I was feeling sick. They performed many checkups without finding out any answers. They kept telling me I was healthy but I did not feel healthy.

Another year went by and I wasn’t feeling any better. I continued to visit the doctors looking for answers. Until one day I came into work, I started feeling sick. Right away I knew it was something at my job. The first thing I saw next to me was the propane tanks. Unsure if propane was the cause of it, I decided to wait until I spoke with my doctor about it first, since I had an upcoming appointment.

Once I got back to my doctor’s office, I told him I believe the propane is making me sick. Since it was work related, my doctor told me to go to a worker’s comp doctors, because insurance would not cover my visit.

I’m still waiting for my medical records for my doctor’s visit above. I will post records once I get them from my doctors.

The next day at work, I reported everything my doctor said to my manager. He sent me to the workers comp doctor. While at the workers comp doctors, he couldn’t find anything wrong, so he told my manager to move the propane from my area. That is when my real problems started with propane.

My Workers Comp Medical Records

After removing the propane tanks from my area, I started to get very sick so I decided to go back to my doctor and report it to him. At my doctor’s office, my doctor refused to see me for the propane, and sent me on my way. Shocked by what he did, I decided to look into propane more.

After doing some online reading, I found out that propane is listed as a non-toxic substance, which explained to me why no one wanted to see me.

As more days passed without any sign of getting better, I decided to test the propane out. I went to the propane tank and released the gas. Right away, my sick feeling ended. I knew at that moment it caused a body addiction.

Over the next several weeks. I decided to test the propane out. I would expose myself to propane and wait for it to break. During my test with it, I started having heart attacks, strokes, MS attacks and asthma attacks, every time the exposure broke. It stayed in my body for about 3 days and 6 hours (estimate but should be close to that time). If I was exposed to a small amount, it would trigger an MS attack. Exposed to a lot more and it caused some very painful attacks.

Once I found out what it was doing to me, I decided to quit my job. I knew it was pointless to try to see another doctor about it. I ended up moving back home with my mom.

I reported everything to the US government believing that they would do something about it. Months to turn into years, without them doing anything. Seems to me they care more about the money they make from it than people that are affected by it.

Which brings me to today and why I’m starting this website to raise awareness about the real dangers of propane. I can’t do this alone. I need your help with this. You can help by sharing this with all your friends and family that use propane daily.

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Signs and Symptoms of Propane Exposure

On this page, I will post signs and symptoms of propane exposure I have experienced or noticed with people who uses propane daily.

I grew in the city most my life and was never around propane much. These are changes I have noticed and experienced since I started working with propane. Depending on how much propane you used or around daily can trigger all or some of these signs.

Before you read the signs of propane, I want you to know what I call Solid Propane. I will use this term in my description for signs and symptoms of propane.

Solid Propane:

Is propane in it’s raw form. It has not been burned or mixed with anything else, making the propane percentage very high.

I have a few questions I  wanted to ask you before you read the signs and symptoms of propane.

Do you have friends and family who use propane daily? .

Have you been feeling sick while using or working with propane?

Do you get angry easy?

Do you drink a lot of caffeine daily?

Are you having vision problems?

Do you have memory problems?

If you answer yes to any of my question, please look at my signs and symptoms below for propane exposure.

Heavy Propane Exposure:

Heavy Propane exposure is for people who use or are exposed to solid propane a few times a day everyday, as long as you are exposed to a good amount of solid propane daily. Things like cooking with it 3 times a day, or using it for other activities are at risk to being considered for Heavy Exposure. It’s very hard to try determine with 100% accuracy how much it will take to fall under Heavy Exposure but here are the list of signs and symptoms of what I have noticed with Heavy Propane Exposure.

  • Heart Attack
  • Seizures
  • Strokes
  • Asthma Attacks
  • Multiple Sclerosis Attacks
  • Sleep longer hours
  • Tired a lot after sleeping long hours (Will drink more caffeine drinks to keep them going during the day)
  • Mood Swings (Getting angry was one of the most common thing I noticed. Once angry, it is very hard to calm down.
  • Vision problems (Might wear or need glasses)
  • Bags or Dark circles under eyes
  • Reading or Writing Problems
  • Speech Problems
  • Memory Problems
  • Difficulties thinking or confused a lot

Mild Propane Exposure:

Mild propane exposure is for people who use propane a few times a month. They will exhibit many signs of Heavy Propane Exposure but less noticeably. For example, they might have minor memory problems, writing problems or speech problems. Nothing that will set off any alarms that something could be wrong. They will believe that they are fine.

This is only the beginning of the signs and symptoms of Propane. I will update more signs and symptoms of propane in the future so please follow me for more update.

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The Dangers of Propane

Hello Readers.

My name is Sam Prak. I’m a real person who has gotten very sick from working with propane. What I’m about to tell you is my real experience from working with propane. I need your help getting this information out. You can help me by sharing this with friends and family who use propane daily.

The gas companies claim that propane is nontoxic. It is far from that during my experiences using propane, it is worse than any of the drugs on the streets. It is responsible for the huge amount of violence in our world today. It is turning people into rapists, murderers, child molesters, genociders and terrorists. I could name tons of other things, but the list is very long.

Propane also causes a lot of health issues. It causes a body addiction that is responsible for heart attacks, multiple sclerosis attacks, asthma attacks, seizures and strokes. I also believe it is responsible for mental illness, diabetes, yeast infection, breast cancer, leukemia and many more cancers.

If you give me a moment of your time. I will explain it to you to the best of my abilities how propane is responsible for this and much much more.

30 Gallon Propane.jpg

For those of you who don’t know what propane is, propane is a natural gas. It is used to cook, heat, and as fuel for vehicles. It is stored in the metal gas tanks. If you release the gas, it burns the skin on contact. It is mostly used in rural areas, warehouses and homes all over the world.

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